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Ingredients we avoid

I challenge you to take any cosmetic product you have and look at the ingredients, in almost all of them you will find silicones (except in ours, of course) . Silicones can go by many different names, if you want to learn to spot them, just look at the last three letters of any ingredient, if it ends in -one,it is a silicone) so why do so many cosmetic companies use them?And why do we at Claudia Nour Cosmetics avoid them?Although silicones are considered to be a low hazard ingredients in cosmetics, it's long term effect on the behaviour of our skin leaves a lot to be desired. Yes they feel luxurious and they can make your skin feel smoother,...

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Lonely Revert/Convert?

Praying alone, fasting alone, worshiping alone...for some muslims who have reverted (or converted)to Islam, coming from a family of non-muslims, can experience a very lonely journey. When I became Muslim, I partially felt this loneliness because my family is Christian, but my husband was my support, along with my two very young children. Still I understand the separation when you are no longer following what your Mom, Dad and siblings are. When they would like to go to a party but you would rather stay home, or even in something as simple as food choices and the discussions and arguments that can result from them.  It has taken me a while to realize that being a convert to Islam has many...

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Al Arabiya article on Halal cosmetics

I was very honored to be a part of this interview for Al Arabiya magazine, speaking of the rise of halal cosmetics, you can see the full article in the link below: Subscribe to our mailing list for more halal beauty and skin care! * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last Name Birthday - We send birthday coupons! / / ( mm / dd / yyyy )

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5 Wudhu-Friendly makeup tips

Prayer and the use of makeup is a heavily talked about subject, but one that does not get too much importance, so if you are wondering how can you balance your spiritual duties with a all natural and halal cosmetic routine, read on!    1. Make sure your makeup is Halal: This is the first step in having purity when it comes time to our Salah (prayer). Ingredients like collagen, gelatin, tallow, alcohol, among others, can make the creams and makeup you are applying to your skin impure, and as believing women we must try our best to make our cleanliness reach all the aspects of our life.( to learn more about which ingredients are not permissible  (haraam) read my...

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Halal and wudhu friendly cosmetics- everything you need to know!

  As the founder of Claudia Nour Cosmetics, I often get asked the question; “what is halal makeup?”, “what does whudu friendly mean?”, “can i pray with it?”, “do I have to remove it?”, “is the makeup I am using halal?”, “what ingredients should I avoid?”,  All these questions are valid and all of them were on my mind when I started to realize that I wanted the cosmetics I was applying on my skin to be in line with my faith. The Beginning I converted to Islam in September 2012,  after not knowing anything about this amazing belief system, I was 26 years old when I discovered the religion that my heart was looking all my life and I...

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