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What is Self Care ?

I find myself constantly discovering trends on social media, some good, and others...well you know,But one of the recent ones I've come to know is Self-care, (yeah, I'm pretty late on this one) but I absolutely love it! It has helped me make sense on why some seemingly simple things me bring joy, like I whenever i take those extra minutes in the morning to massage my skin while cleansing with the scrubs and applying the facial oil, or that extra moment at the end of a warm shower, that quiet time at the end of the day, and even doing coloring books with my kids... It also has made me realize how the prayers are such a big part...

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Dehydrated skin, what is it? plus 9 ways to fix it!

A lot of us can tell when our skin is dry - is tight and it doesn't look fresh- but if your skin is not normally like this, it can be confusing...I mean, how can your skin be dry when your skin type is oily? or normal?  It is not because our skin type has changed, rather it is a symptom of a condition: Dehydration.    If you are experiencing skin that looks rough or dull, that is flaky, that feels itchy and that is more sensitive than normal you might have dehydrated skin, even if your skin type is not dry, because that is the difference, dry skin is a skin type and dehydrated skin is a condition, so you can...

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Beauty Standards - Know your worth.

I think beauty standards are just wrong. Allah has made everything diverse and different, and there is a undeniable truth in this, if we are willing to reflect and ponder. One of His many beautiful creations, flowers, are a proof of that. There are over a 300,000 variety of flowers and all of them look and behave differently. Can you imagine if the flowers decided one day, to go against their nature and try to change their appearance? if they all wanted to look as one particular kind? All of the benefit in their variety and each individual function would be lost. How are we able to appreciate the beauty in all of them, and not appreciate our own? When...

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