Healthy Skin Guide for Muslim Women

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Skin care can be confusing these days,

  • Washing,

  • Scrubbing

  • Toning

  • Exfoliating

  • Hydrating

  • Moisturizing

  • Masking

So many steps just to keep your skin looking beautiful, but have you ever told yourself, "it can't possibly be this hard now, can it?" 

Guess what? It doesn't have to be, (but that's not what you have been lead to believe!)

 In reality, your skin is an awesome, very stable, balanced system that needs very little intervention from us! 

And it just needs to be cleansed and moisturized!

Yes you heard that right, keep it clean, keep it hydrated and your skin will be happy!


Let's break it down now, this might look  a little familiar to you:


Gentlly exfoliate dead skin cells to keep your skin vibrant and healthy.


Restore the p.H. of your skin to keep it healthy and balanced.


Nourish your skin with healiing oils that will keep your skin beautiful and glowing!

I know I said there were only 2 things your skin needs, but the moisturizing part is more effectively done in a two part approach (more on that below)



Your skin needs to be cleansed, first thing, but it doesn't need harsh soaps to do so, 

let's get that clear, no suds in your face, and your skin will be happy!

In fact soap can actually cause further dryness and inflamation on the skin! 

Yes, girl, step away from the soap....

And welcome the cleansing scrubs into your life!

Don't get scared when you see scrub, these are super gentle, made with clay and soothing botanicals to get your skin radiantly clean without getting it itchy and dry!

The cleansing scrubs are a mix of oats, clay, and botanicals that you mix with water to create a paste and use it as a cleanser.

Now you might be wondering, which scrub is best for me? The truth is you could easily use any of the scrubs, since they are all very gentle, but you could start with the one that could fit your skin best:

The lavender oats scrub is great for normal or acne prone skin

The Rose and Chamomile scrub is the best for sensitive and dry skin. 

The Lavender Mint Scrub is best for oily and acne prone skin.


After you have cleansed with the scrubs, the next step is using facial spritz,(either the Rose and Aloe, or the Hibiscus-Rose) this is something that could really change the way your skin absorbs what you are putting on it. 

Why? Well It's all about keeping your skin happy and the way to do it is through the P.H.

The P.H of the skin is a healthy combo of naturally-produced face oils (the ones we don't want to strip when cleansing) that keep your skin working smoothly.

 The less you mess with it, the better your skin will respond, and turns out, our skin is very much like us, it loves roses! 

Rose water can balance the p.h. of the skin, which means that it isn't over producing oils (from being too dry) or being inflamed (from harsh ingredients).




The last step is the Facial oil, these natural oils are the perfect way moisturize, heal and restore your skin. Infused with botanicals to bring the best benefits to your skin. You can apply it morning and night, and on times where you feel your skin needs a little bit more moisturizing! Massage it on your face to promote circulation and stimulate the skin.


With these 3 simple steps you can achieve healthy skin, in a way that is all natural, simple and effective. This routine will not take longer than a few minutes in the morning, but you will have glowing, radiant skin all day!


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