Makeup is halal, but no one can see it, so what's the point??
"when starting my modesty journey there was a time when I was thinking of giving up on taking care of myself completely, because:
what's the point? Nobody can see it anyways....
What's the point of doing all these things if I'm just covering it up...or if I have to remove it...
And it took me a few years to deconstruct all the things that came about so that I would feel this way,
So I woke up today, not really planning on writing this, but there was something that pushed me to write it, because we need to have these conversations, otherwise we will be trapped in this feeling and the anxiety and gloom it brings..."
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More mindful in social media? Here's 5 tips that can help you

Social media is a tool, more like a weapon, actually, it can be used for amazing things or it can be the biggest time suck in your life, 

For a lot of people, (me included) social media has been the means to start a business and make something that would have never been possible just 20 years ago, it has been the medium to connect with other like minded people that understand and are working towards the same goal, 

but it can also distract us, make us loose focus and inspiration in the things that actually bring us joy, and interrupt the time that should be given to the most important people in our lives, our family, our friends, and our own selves. 

As I come out of  a social media break, I reflected and made Dua so that Allah would help me strike a balance with this device on my hands, and there are  5 things I will be trying to implement moving forward.

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Skin Care-Sweetness of Iman and our Hijab-Claudia Nour Cosmetics - Halal makeup and skin care

The sweetness of Imaan (faith) can be experienced in many ways,
And while wearing hijab doesn't immediately make you a better Muslim or more pious, it does keep you aware at all times (at least outside) that you are in a constant state of worship

But, you could wear the hijab and still wish to dress a certain way or wear your hair out, and those feelings are completely normal,

But then Allah blesses you with full conviction and tranquility and you feel like the hijab is a part of you, and that it is so dear to you that you just can't see yourself without it, and you start wishing for others to have the same feeling you have..

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Skin Care-Lonely Revert/Convert?-Claudia Nour Cosmetics - Halal makeup and skin care

When I became Muslim, I partially felt this loneliness because my family is Christian, but my husband was my support, along with my two very young children. Still I understand the separation when you are no longer following what your Mom, Dad and siblings are. When they would like to go to a party but you would rather stay home, or even in something as simple as food choices and the discussions and arguments that can result from them. 

It has taken me a while to realize that being a convert to Islam has many benefits that can make the adversities seem not as big as they use to. One of the most important realizations I have had, is that as a revert, you are coming into this beautiful deen as a "wide-eye wonder" child looking to learn everything you possibly can, so you have not had any cultural custom infused into the deen to make you confused.

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