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This past year has been the year I fell in love with facial massage and as a beginner there are a lot of things that I have learned in the past few months, so I  wanted to write this blog post at this very moment, being a newbie, and not  knowing a whole lot about facial massage, And if you are just beginning I know you might be in the same place that I am, and right now the very basics will be best, for the more I keep learning about facial massage the more I see that there are so many different tecniques and approaches that it can get overwhelming, so this will be a few simple tips to get...

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What's a Mineral veil?

The mineral veil is one the best sellers around here, do you want to know why?  Because it solves the biggest problems we have when it comes to applying makeup:  Oily face: Mineral veil Shiny face: Mineral veil  Large pores: Mineral veil Fine lines: Mineral veil  So that's that! The mineral veil is awesome, and best of all is an all natural way to achieve skin that looks healthy and IS healthy! If you look at the ingredient list on a lot of todays finishing powders and sprays, you will find that a lot of them contain ingredients that can make your skin look good, but can damage it and cause irritation after, so what I wanted to achieve with...

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Beauty Standards - Know your worth.

I think beauty standards are just wrong. Allah has made everything diverse and different, and there is a undeniable truth in this, if we are willing to reflect and ponder. One of His many beautiful creations, flowers, are a proof of that. There are over a 300,000 variety of flowers and all of them look and behave differently. Can you imagine if the flowers decided one day, to go against their nature and try to change their appearance? if they all wanted to look as one particular kind? All of the benefit in their variety and each individual function would be lost. How are we able to appreciate the beauty in all of them, and not appreciate our own? When...

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Al Arabiya article on Halal cosmetics

I was very honored to be a part of this interview for Al Arabiya magazine, speaking of the rise of halal cosmetics, you can see the full article in the link below: Subscribe to our mailing list for more halal beauty and skin care! * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last Name Birthday - We send birthday coupons! / / ( mm / dd / yyyy )

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5 Wudhu-Friendly makeup tips

Prayer and the use of makeup is a heavily talked about subject, but one that does not get too much importance, so if you are wondering how can you balance your spiritual duties with a all natural and halal cosmetic routine, read on!    1. Make sure your makeup is Halal: This is the first step in having purity when it comes time to our Salah (prayer). Ingredients like collagen, gelatin, tallow, alcohol, among others, can make the creams and makeup you are applying to your skin impure, and as believing women we must try our best to make our cleanliness reach all the aspects of our life.( to learn more about which ingredients are not permissible  (haraam) read my...

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