Skin type - Oily

Oily skin needs balance

And it doesn't need a lot of the stuff we think it needs, (I'm looking at you baking soda scrub and lemon masks.)

Your skin is shiny, feels slick and looks like you just ran 10 miles in the summer when you just woke up? Then it seems like your skin is in an oily season, so we need to balance it and bring it back to a happy, non-oily phase,

Because I don't believe in skin types, and this couldn't be more true than when it comes to oily skin,

Oh why you may ask? 

Because when your skin looks (And feels) oily, it's not because you were born with a little oil factory that produces oil like the Zam-zam well does water,

It's because we panic. 

But before we get into that. what's making your skin oily?

So, step away from the soap and no one will get oily....

I know how it goes, the fist thing you want to do when you see that shiny-ness creeping in your nose is DRY IT OUT!

You panic, you think that your skin needs to feel bone-dry, squeaky-clean and deprived of all moisture.

But that doesn't work out so well, because you are actually working against your skin this way.

You see your skin produces oil to protect itself, but when you apply drying and harsh products on it to remove them, you are actually telling your skin that the oils is running out, that your skin is going to be unprotected, and that it needs to make more oils.

So you skin rings the alarm and goes into emergency mode.

Boom. Oily skin.

So how can you work with your skin to get it to be (and look) amazing?

You keep the balance.

You keep that balance like your cat does when he's walking along the edge of a bookshelf where he definitely should not be walking....

So, Oily skin needs balancing and anti- inflammatory ingredients, and you can find pleanty of them in nature, if you know where to look:

Lavender flowers, Mint leaves,Oats and Clays, help control the oils but won't strip the skin of it's own natural sebum. 

So how do we use these ingredients to keep everything balanced, with a simple routine that you can use morning or night and that will bring your skin back into a beautiful, healthy and non-oily state?




Oily skin is triggered skin. We trigger it by attempting to strip it of the oils it needs.