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Skin type - Oily

Oily skin needsbalance

Your skin is shiny, feels slick and looks like you just ran 10 miles in the summer when you just woke up? Then it seems like your skin is in an oily season, so we need to balance it and bring it back to a happy, non-oily phase!

Oily Skin

Which products could be the most beneficial to you?

Oily skin needs balancing and anti- inflammatory ingredients, like Lavender flowers, Mint leaves,Oats and Clays, that help control the oils but won't strip the skin of it's own natural sebum. 

Lavender Mint Cleansing Scrub

Rose and Aloe Facial Spritz

Lavender Mint Facial Oil


Oily skin needs to be cleansed, but not stripped, and that's why the Lavender-Mint cleansing scrub is ideal for it! Mint is naturally rich in salicylic acid, which helps to clean and unclog pores. Oats and lavender both have anti-inflammatory that help with acne and excess oil.


Balancing the P.H. of your oily skin, is going to stop triggering your skin into making more oils. Rose water is a natural P.H. regulator and when your skin's p.h. balance is right, it won't look greasy or shiny, but healthy and glowing!


I know that if you have oily skin you don't want to add any extra oils, but believe me, your skin will love it. You will get all the soothing, anti-inflammatory properties of almond oil, lavender and mint and your skin will be balanced and won't overproduce more oils!

Oily skin is triggered skin. We trigger it by attempting to strip it of the oils it needs.

Clay Masks Jar

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Meet the upgrade of the clay masks!! If you love the way your skin feels after the masks, then you will want to get this beautiful, apothecary style jar to have a nice supply of healing clay masks available to you! The hold 3 times as much as the mask packets!

Best Masks for Oily Skin

French Green Clay Mask

Chocolate Mask

Rhassoul Clay Mask

Which clay mask is best for oily skin?

Clay masks are amazing, specially for Oily skin, but some work better than other! 

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