Face Oil- Lavender Mint

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I use this oil in my nightly regiment! Especially when I have acne scars that need healing I always drink more water and apply the oil nighty. It works wonders!" - A"isha S.

The  new Glass bottle, with a glass dropper, which features the beautiful flowers that infuse each oil, Calendula and Lavender. Now the infusion will not stop completely with me, but the oil you have will keep reaping the benefits of these botanicals until the last drop!

There's Lavender, 

Then Mint, 

Double infused in almond oil....

If you ever wanted to get rid of acne, you are going to love this!Mint has the salicylic acid, and Lavender has the anti-bacterial power, together they are an acne fighting duo! While you are massaging this oil and moisturizing your skin, the properties of these natural ingredients will fight away bacteria and help your skin heal to reveal a glowing, healthy and bright complexion with zero toxic ingredients.  

You can apply this morning and night, and on times where you feel your skin needs a little bit more moisturizing! Massage it on your face to promote circulation and stimulate the skin. 

1 oz 

Ingredients:  Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet AlmondOil infused with Mint Leaves and Lavender flower buds. 


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