My story

Around September 2014, I had a crazy idea...
I had spent a few weeks trying to find halal makeup that could cover my acne, without making it worst.
But couldn't find a brand that was halal, and that also took the health of my skin into consideration. (for more on what halal makeup requires, click here)
I've always loved learning and figuring out things, and i knew that there must be a simple way to handle my problematic skin, I just didn't know how..
After reading about different types of cosmetics, I learned about mineral makeup, it's amazing benefits, and how to get the most coverage, (I also learned about undertones, bases and how to make foundations) and that is how Claudia Nour started. 
Ever since I have been applying the same thinking to all my products:
Halal ingredients,
that are good for the skin,
good for the enviromment,