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Faith is what inspires me, and what started this whole venture, Beauty is a goal that we are all trying to achieve, not only externally but internally, and when we use faith to guide us in our inner search, and nature to help with our outward appeareance, we can, in sha Allah achieve a perfect balance of both.


All of my products are free of Alcohol, Pig and all pig- derived ingredients, gelatin and carmine. Also all ingredients that are not obtained in a humane and ethical manner are also excluded. Be confident that your skin care and cosmetics are in line with the rules and guidelines of our faith.


I handcraft my products with only the best ingredients Allah has created in nature. There is no Talc, Mineral oil, Bismuth oxychloride, Nano particles, Parabens or Artificial dyes.

There are benefits beyond our knowledge in the use of all natural butters and oils, all natural pigments and clays, and essential oils, and that is why i choose them for my products!



Your prayer is the most important part of your day, and nothing should get in the way of being purified and cleansed before performing it. So i have kept all silicones and waterproofing ingredients out of my products, using ingredients that are absorbed into the skin, so there is no barrier preventing the water from reaching the skin when it comes time to make wudu.



We owe so much to this world we live, and we must care, nurture and protect it. Small steps in each of us can lead to a big change, and it should be our objective to make sure we are contributing in the best possible way.

In 2017 I am transitioning all my packaging to recyclable, renewable or post consumer made.

I hope you can be part of the change with me, in sha Allah!

Claudia Nour

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