My story

Faith always First

How Claudia Nour Cosmetics was born...

Around September 2014, I had a crazy idea..

I had spent a few weeks trying to find halal makeup that could cover my acne, without making it worst.
But couldn't find a brand that was halal, and that also took the health of my skin into consideration. (for more on what halal makeup requires, click here)

I've always loved learning and figuring out things, and i knew that there must be a simple way to handle my problematic skin, I just didn't know how..

After reading about different types of cosmetics, I learned about mineral makeup, it's amazing benefits, and how to get the most coverage, (I also learned about undertones, bases and how to make foundations) and that is how Claudia Nour started.

Ever since I have been applying the same thinking to all my products:</div>
Halal ingredients,

that are good for the skin,

good for the environment,



Discovering the religion my heart had been searching for all my life was a beautiful moment, but I quickly realized that harmonizing my new lifestyle with every aspect of my life, including cosmetics, was a unique challenge. In many areas, transitioning to my newfound faith was made easier with the wealth of advice and resources available. However, one aspect remained elusive:


Believe it or not, finding information about wudhu-friendly and halal makeup was a challenge. Despite countless searches, I couldn't find sisters who had navigated the intersection of prayer and cosmetics. Feeling lost, I took matters into my own hands, researching and delving into the world of makeup, skincare, and prayers. Now, I want to share everything I've learned with you.


First things first, what exactly is halal makeup? The word "halal" in Arabic means what is permitted or lawful. In the context of makeup, this means that the ingredients need to align with these principles. It's not just about what you consume as a meal but also what you apply to the largest organ of your body—your skin.


Now, let's talk about "wudhu-friendly." Wudhu is the ritual cleansing Muslims perform before prayer. One of its guidelines is that water must reach the skin. A wudhu-friendly product won't interfere with this process, allowing you to purify yourself without obstacles.
I understand the confusion that arises, especially when it comes to makeup's staying power. Many sisters offer advice, but opinions vary from wearing no makeup at all to removing and reapplying. I disagree with the notion that makeup won't interfere, given the current makeup industry's focus on creating long-lasting formulas using silicones, oils, and waxes.


This realization led to my passion: offering a complete line of halal, wudhu-friendly makeup that addresses the unique needs of Muslim women. So, Claudia Nour Cosmetics it's about more than just products; it's about a complete system that purifies us physically and spiritually.

Join me on this journey where faith comes first, and beauty is an authentic expression of who we are. Explore our products crafted just for you and celebrate the harmony of modesty, faith, and self-care.