Skin type : Dry

Dry skin is needy skin,

But the good thing is it doesn't need that much. And once you figure out a few things about it, making sure your skin is nice and hydrated becomes easy!

When your skin is dry it can feel tight, or itchy or look bumpy or with a weird texture, (or all of the above!), and sometimes it can feel like no matter what you do, your skin just doesn't seem to stay moisturized, and you just want to screamwhat do you want from me??

I've been there, (and fall back once in a while too),so I know it's not a nice place to be, when you feel so confused and frustrated,that you feel you just have to surrender to the dryness...

But I won't let you surrender,

Because your skin is not at war with you, when your skin is dry is just calling out for help,

Your skin is lost in a desert and making a dua for water to come hydrate and heal it, 

And i want to show you exactly how you can do this!

But let's talk first about what causes your skin to become dry:

So, let's get hydrating, like *for real*...

I am going to show you how you can get your skin out of this dry phase, get it hydrated, moisturized, vibrant and thriving. 

Are you excited? ( I hope you are!!!)

So, Dry skin needs one thing and one thing only: Moisture! (obviously)

But we also need to find ways  seal that moisture on the skin, we need to combine hydration and (very important and) ingredients that lock it in our skin!

I like to think  a baklava, with those yummy layers of nuts and phyllo dough, if you mush it all together it will still be tasty, but it looses it's effect. Same with our dry skin, you need to work in layers, (fortunately with way less than a baklava though!)

And those layers need to have the most hydrating and gentle ingredients so we can keep our skin in a happy state.

 Dry skin needs ultra soothing and healing ingredients so we can help it stay hydrated and so we can keep the skin barrier healthy, because then our skin is able to fight the dry air, the hot water (yeah I love it too but it's not good), and the lack of hydration.  

Rose petals, Oats, Aloe vera, Chamomile, Calendula and Hibiscus flowers are exceptional at hydrating, healing and moisturizing

So how do we use these ingredients to keep our skin glowing, vibrant, healthy and moisturized with a simple and effective routine that can be customized to your needs?




Ingredients to avoid to help dry skin:



🧴Sodium laureth sulfate (SLS))


✋Synthetic Fragrances

*Essential Oils (without proper knowledge)

[🎥Watch] 5 Tips for dry skin

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