Is Wudhu drying out your skin? - These 3 tips will definitely help!

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Have you ever wondered if taking wudhu a few times a day can affect the health of your skin? 


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If you have the time,I want to share some tips that might help you beat that dry skin feel, breakouts and irritation you might be getting after washing your face! 

So, it's been 5 years since I converted to Islam and started praying, and back then my skin was not at it's best due to the fact that I was pregnant, that I didn't use natural makeup, and even worst, having a skin care routine that  was far from natural and healthy, so obviously the last thing I could ever think was that whudu was affecting my skin,

but now that I have skin care that is free of chemicals and irritating ingredients, (check it out here!)and I have corrected many mistakes I was making, my skin is the best it's ever been, and these tips are the ones that I used to be able to achieve this, and I'm really hoping they will benefit you too, in sha Allah! 


1. Say bye to Hot water

This one was, and still is, very hard for me, I get cold just by looking at the autumn breeze and I absolutely love hot water, so by making this first change, specially when it comes to whudu, I was able to see improvements immediately!

Plus this is super easy, and something you can start doing today, by simply changing the temperature of the water with which you take whudu you will save your skin a lot of trouble.

You see, when you wash your face with hot water, it's being stripped of the natural oils it has,( and needs), to stay healthy, and when this happens, the only result is dry, itchy, inflamed skin! And if you suffer from eczema you really want to stay away from this, as it can make it worse. 

And remember, that since we are taking whudu a few times a day, if you are using hot water, your skin is just going to get dryer and itchier even faster, so make the change, and even though it might take a while to get used to it, when you start seeing the changes on your skin, you will never want to go back! 

2. Pat, Pat, Pat

Ok, so now that you have splashed your face with cool, refreshing water, Do not rub your face dry!

You want to pat gently, avoiding friction that will only irritate your skin, and as we just mentioned, strip it from the natural oils that keep it healthy and glowing.

And although I am sure you know this, it's pretty easy to forget, specially when we are in a rush and want to go on about our day. But once you understand how bad it is, it becomes easier to take a few extra seconds to gently dry your face, avoiding the rubbing, tugging and pulling that will also lead to saggy skin later on. 


3. Balance and Restore

The last and certainly, not the least important tip is:

FLOWERS! and not in the form of an arrangement, but in the form of a spray! The Rose and Aloe facial spritz is an essential step is getting your skin back to it's balanced P.H. level, because even if we are washing with cool water, and patting our skin dry, the P.H. of our skin can still be disrupted in the process, specially if you have hard water.

So how can we help the skin then, well we apply something that has a P.H balance that is very close to our very own, and that is where Rose water spritz comes in, with a p.h. level of 5.5. it just happens to be the same level where our skin should be, so when you spray your face with it, you are giving your skin a stepping stone to be in a happier place. 


After this you can move on and apply the Facial Oil or your favorite moisturizer, if you are not wearing any makeup, and if you are wearing any, the Aloe vera and plant based glycerin in the Rose and Aloe facial spritz are great at giving you that extra hydration when wearing the Mineral Foundations. 

And although this extra step will depend on you, the time of day and how your skin feels, the other 3 steps (washing with cool water, patting your skin dry, spraying with P.h. balancing Rose water) are quick adjustments you can do anytime that will make a big difference in the health of your skin!


So, can taking whudu everyday lead to better skin? I am sure it can, when you take the right steps, and now that you know what they are, I hope you try them and benefit too, in sha Allah! 

Now if you need a little extra help with your dry skin, be sure to read This to learn how you can restore it!


Did you have any questions? (or just a nice comment about this blog?) Theb leave it as a comment on the video 👇👇👇👇 JazakAllah khair!



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