What is Self Care ?

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what is self care
I find myself constantly discovering trends on social media, some good, and others...well you know,
But one of the recent ones I've come to know is Self-care, (yeah, I'm pretty late on this one) but I absolutely love it!

It has helped me make sense on why some seemingly simple things me bring joy, like I whenever i take those extra minutes in the morning to massage my skin while cleansing with the scrubs and applying the facial oil, or that extra moment at the end of a warm shower, that quiet time at the end of the day, and even doing coloring books with my kids...

It also has made me realize how the prayers are such a big part of my self care, and what a gift it is that we are pulled away from worldly matters 5 times a day to have a moment of connection, gratitude and humility with our Creator.


Self care is just really, any activity that is done for yourself and by yourself that helps you feel better, more at peace and/or content, some examples would be:

💜Reading a book
💜Learning something new
💜Taking a walk
💜Pampering yourself
💜Cuddle your cat
💜 Nourishing your body with healthy food
💜giving yourself a break!
Moments of Joy, brought on by you! Because who knows you better?! 
Have you found your moments of joy?

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