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There have been plenty of changes that have happened since I first wrote this blog, and it has slipped my mind to come back and share it here: 



If you have been my customer since the beginning, you must have seen how often my packaging has changed over the years, I just couldn't find something I felt completely happy with, yes clear plastic pillow boxes can be super cute, but they are an extra layer of waste added, a burden I am unnecessarily putting on our environment, so I have been experimenting with different ways your package can be delivered in a way that is cute, effective, protective and environmentally safe!



So Alhamdulillah for people who have thought about this need, and came up with this awesome alternative to regular plastic packaging, and although I am not as eco-friendly as I would like to be(YET)!, this is an essential first step! We can all help, even if it is with one small change. 

I will be doing even more to try and reduce or eliminate the amount of plastics in my business, and will be posting updates on the blog so you can get inspired and in sha Allah do some changes of your own! 

How do you like this new packaging?

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