4 Tips that will completely transform your skin!

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Salam sis, let me be honest with you: Your skin won't change, until you do..

 During my conversations with many of you, there is a common thread that I always detect,

and that is, that a lot of us try to look for remedies only with the external: creams, facials, serums, etc.

And while all of those can certainly help,

the greatest, most impactful changes you can make on your skin are lifestyle changes.

We all want skin transformation, and this is the first step in achieving just that:


✔Water intake, in any form! : a lot of us think we have to be drinking 8 glasses of water, but did you know a cup of tea counts as hydration? as well as a bowl of soup? or a smoothie? the goal is to add hydration, in whichever way is your favorite!


✔Reducing sugar, not eliminating..... because, as GREAT as it would be to eliminate sugar from your diet completely, it would be better (and more sustainable) to reduce when possible. Like if you have a candy bar each day, have it every second day. If you put 3 teaspoons of sugar in your coffee, try cutting it in half.The thing is we all have our weaknesses, so find the places where you can reduce sugar intake and your skin will thank you!

 sugar intake


✔Stress management: if this is the only thing you do, it will be enough. Let me tell you, stress can do more damage to your skin than many other things, and it is the one thing a lot of us are overlooking.

Now,as with the sugar, I know is easy to say: "don't worry so much", "Take it easy"... but here,the ONLY thing that has worked for me is strengthening my connection with Allah (s.w.t.), that has been the opening for me to figure out the ways I can manage the things life throws at me, and I advise you to make this your center and pillar for dealing with stress.

prayer as stress management


✔And on a lighter note, make sure you are aware of what touches your face: meaning, your pillowcases and specially your hijabs, niqabs and masks!


pillowcases for skin health

Would you like to know more about each of these tips? There is more to be said on each of these, so let me know if there is one you would like to learn more about in sha Allah!


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Welcome sis👋🏼Salam aleikum!

My name is Claudia Nour, and I write about modest makeup and all-natural, gentle skincare from an Islamic perspective.
I also created a line of all-natural, halal, and wudhu-friendly cosmetics so you can take care of your skin, feel confident without compromising your faith!