Which face oil is right for me?

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Have you ever struggled with skin care confusion?

trying to figure out how many steps, how many actives? (I did, and it was horrible!)

I mean there are so many things on the market right now and you might be asking yourself a ton of questions, like what is an essence? how many products should you layer, how many steps should I have on my routine? Is my skin going to self-destruct if I skip one day??....

Is not fun.

That's why the facial oils are a blessing,

because they give your skin exactly what it needs, without the extra, unwelcomed confusion.

But, what does my skin need?

what vitamins skin needs

 Your skin first and foremost needs to be *sort of* left alone.

You see, our skin has everything it needs, and it is perfectly able to keep itself healthy, but sometimes, things like weather, changes in our eating, health conditions and lifestyle can disrupt the balance that keeps our skin glowing. So in this case, is good to know how we can help our skin, and what should we give it.

That is why the facial oils can be an incredible tool in your skin care routine. They naturally have all the things our skin needs. 

But the first question I always get is, which one is the best for me?

Let's break it down and say adios to confusion!


Skin with more dry and/or sensitive tendencies

The Nourishing Face oil  is wonderful for all skin types, but it would be my first choice if your skin tends to have dry, patchy, red or sensitive areas. Calendula is a flower that has been used for centuries upon centuries for its healing properties and we've paired it with Roses and Chamomile infused in a base of  medium chain triglycerides to provide balance to the skin, keeping moisture in the dry areas of your face and regulating the sebum in the oilier parts. 

You can wear it day and night for smoother and healthier skin.


Skin with more Oily or acne-prone tendencies

 Oily skin usually fluctuates between acne prone as well, so for this, we enlist the naturally occurring salicylic acid in the Heling face oil, which uses jojoba oil as a base. Jojoba oil is the closest to our skin's natural sebum, which means that it's the best at regulating oils and keeping your face shine and breakout free!

So, no matter your skin type, there is a face oil for you! I'm sure your skin will love them!

Nourishing Face Oil


Healing Face oil

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