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Shipping F.A.Q.

Shipping is one of the things i get asked the most about (and with good reason!) so I will take a moment to answer some of the things that usually come up when speaking with other sisters about it: 

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Ingredients we avoid

I challenge you to take any cosmetic product you have and look at the ingredients, in almost all of them you will find silicones (except in ours, of course) . Silicones can go by many different names, if you want to learn to spot them, just look at the last three letters of any ingredient, if it ends in -one,it is a silicone) so why do so many cosmetic companies use them?And why do we at Claudia Nour Cosmetics avoid them?Although silicones are considered to be a low hazard ingredients in cosmetics, it's long term effect on the behaviour of our skin leaves a lot to be desired. Yes they feel luxurious and they can make your skin feel smoother,...

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Halal and wudhu friendly cosmetics- everything you need to know!

  As the founder of Claudia Nour Cosmetics, I often get asked the question; “what is halal makeup?”,“what does whudu friendly mean?”, “can i pray with it?”, “do I have to remove it?”, “is the makeup I am using halal?”, “what ingredients should I avoid?”,   All these questions are valid and all of them were on my mind when I started to realize that I wanted the cosmetics I was applying on my skin to be in line with my faith.   THE BEGINNING   I converted to Islam in September 2012,  after not knowing anything about this amazing belief system, I was 26 years old when I discovered the religion that my heart was looking all my life...

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