Shipping to Pakistan?

Salam aleikum sister,

In this blog I would like to answer a question I get often, and that is:

Do you ship to Pakistan?

The answer is yes, but not with all shipping services.

Below is a screenshot of the shipping options I have available for Pakistan, please note that services with limited tracking can't be used, this is based on past experiences that left both me and my customers really upset.

shipping to pakistan

 The screen shot above is for lighter packages of around 0.5 lbs, 

For heavier packages (around 1 to 2 lbs), see the estimates below:

claudia nour shipping pakistan

The weight will vary depending on the items in your order, but with an estimate for lighter and heavier packages, you can get an idea of what the price would be. 

Now that you see the options you have, if you want to proceed you can:

1.Add your items to the cart

2. Proceed to checkout

3. select REQUEST A SHIPPING QUOTE option during checkout, and leave me a not with the service you would like to use,

4. I will send you an email with the invoice and you can complete your order!



Hope you can try my products, in sha Allah!