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Skin phases, not types

skin types

Can I share a secret with you?
I don't believe in skin types,
I know it's a very un-popular opinion, but let me tell you why i think this way:
I believe that our skin is meant to be balanced, not too sensitive, not too oily,definitely not acne prone, but life happens and it throws things at us that affect everything, including our skin,
when we are you are young and dealing with a lot of hormonal changes, your skin is more acne prone, (which can also come back later in life with pregnancy, sickness or periods of high stress)
Oily skin sometimes is a result of skin that's over producing oils due to internal issues or products that, while meant for oily skin, end up sucking all the essential oils our skin produces and needs,

Sensitive skin sometimes is the result of using irritating products for a long period of time, which causes the acid mantle in our skin to break down and become easily disturbed

So instead of thinking of our skin as a fixed type that we constantly need to be catering to, the goal in our skin care should be to bring our skin back into the original balance,

Because when our skin is restored, it will be able to do what it's mean to do, to protect us while looking it's best... 

Would you like to learn more about skin phases, and how you can bring it back to a healhy balance?

You can start here!