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Are your products halal certified?

halal certified makeup

When speaking about my line of Halal, all natural and wudhu friendly products, halal certification usually comes up, 

And the reason why I don’t (yet) have a certification is something I would like to explain in this post: 

The first thing I want to let you know is that every single one of my products is made by me,


YES, every single one. 

I don’t buy pre-made things and put a label on them, I research, study,  create my formulas, test them, source ingredients, test them again, and then when I am pleased with it, it will become a part of the line. 


halal certified makeup claudia nour

Everything has to be halal,

But it also has to be all natural (yes, something can be halal and not-natural-at-all)

And last, they also have to be wudhu-friendly!

Although halal certification is a requirement for the food industry,it is not quite the same in the cosmetics industry. So during this time I have tried my best, through my website and social media, to give you full transparency into the way my products are made, by taking you behind the scenes and telling you all about my process, what ingredients I include and why, and the things you will never find in my products. 

Furthermore,there are other requirements I have worked really hard to maintain in my line, 

Not just

  • Halal,
  • All natural, 
  • Wudhu-friendly,

But also:

  • cruelty free,
  • eco-friendly and
  • fair trade sources for my ingredients, 

So, for me, a Halal products goes way beyond the elimination of ingredients like Pork, Alcohol and Carmine, it is a complete way of servicing muslims sisters by offering the best nature has to offer, without chemical or synthetic ingredients, without products that will interfere with the prayer, and without processes that will harm the planet. 

A halal certification is definitely something I will look to have in the future, and if it’s something you feel like you need to have in your products, I will be sad to see you go for now,

But in the meantime, I will continue to  work hard to offer a Halal choice that is best in every way, in sha Allah!

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Welcome sis👋🏼Salam aleikum!

My name is Claudia Nour, and I write about modest makeup and all-natural, gentle skincare from an Islamic perspective.
I also created a line of all-natural, halal, and wudhu-friendly cosmetics so you can take care of your skin, feel confident without compromising your faith!