Strawberry for Berry Happy Skin!

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Is it a salicylic acid treatment?
Or a  antioxidant super pack?
How about both!
And it's also a strawberry- chocolate mask!! This has been by far my favorite,
oh who am I kidding?
they are all my favorites!
So, hyper pigmentation, acne or skin that's looking a little dull can all benefit greatly from this one!

The vitamin c in strawberries helps to fight free radical damage on the cells of our skin, and with the salicylic acid they naturally contain they also fight the inflammation that can cause breakouts,

The chocolate mask then seals the deal with purifying clays and all the antioxidants from the cocoa powder!

I mean talk about an awesome mask!
In your face?

And it's as luxurious as it sounds, and more than that, it's AMAZING for your skin. And super easy to Do, just mash one strawberry and mix with the clay mask!

 Shop below for the Chocolate mask to pamper your skin!


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