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What is Self Care ?

I find myself constantly discovering trends on social media, some good, and others...well you know,But one of the recent ones I've come to know is Self-care, (yeah, I'm pretty late on this one) but I absolutely love it! It has helped me make sense on why some seemingly simple things me bring joy, like I whenever i take those extra minutes in the morning to massage my skin while cleansing with the scrubs and applying the facial oil, or that extra moment at the end of a warm shower, that quiet time at the end of the day, and even doing coloring books with my kids... It also has made me realize how the prayers are such a big part...

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What's a Mineral veil?

The mineral veil is one the best sellers around here, do you want to know why?  Because it solves the biggest problems we have when it comes to applying makeup:  Oily face: Mineral veil Shiny face: Mineral veil  Large pores: Mineral veil Fine lines: Mineral veil  So that's that! The mineral veil is awesome, and best of all is an all natural way to achieve skin that looks healthy and IS healthy! If you look at the ingredient list on a lot of todays finishing powders and sprays, you will find that a lot of them contain ingredients that can make your skin look good, but can damage it and cause irritation after, so what I wanted to achieve with...

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Wudhu Friendly Makeup - How does it work?

Salam aleikum! Hello and Hola to all of you sisters!!! In today's post I am talking about something that has been the sole reason for the creation of my cosmetics: Whudu and Prayer!  **(If you are new here, whudu is the ritual cleansing muslims have to do before performing their prayers) Something I get asked a lot is, how is the makeup whudu friendly? Does it mean I can take whudu over it? The very simple answer is Yes! You can take whudu over the makeup, because there are no ingredients that can form a barrier that can prevent the water from reaching the skin. The Mineral powders are the best option because not only are they breathable, but they can...

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