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Carmine in cosmetics, is it Halal?

So you are probably learning more about cosmetics and what goes into your products (And on your skin), If you are, you might have learned about a little critter that could be creeping up in your cosmetics: CARMINE! What is Carmine?  Carmine is a red pigment that is obtained by crushing the dried bodies of female cochineal beetles, and as beetles are insects, and they are not permissible for us to eat as muslims, having them in skin care and cosmetics, would not be the correct thing to do.  But cosmetics are not eaten! - does it really matter? It does matter when you take into consideration that lipstick gets ingested over time by those of us who wear it,...

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Sweetness of Iman and our Hijab

The sweetness of Imaan (faith) can be experienced in many ways,And while wearing hijab doesn't immediately make you a better Muslim or more pious, it does keep you aware at all times (at least outside) that you are in a constant state of worship But, you could wear the hijab and still wish to dress a certain way or wear your hair out, and those feelings are completely normal, But then Allah blesses you with full conviction and tranquility and you feel like the hijab is a part of you, and that it is so dear to you that you just can't see yourself without it, and you start wishing for others to have the same feeling you have, and...

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Plums are, perhaps, a fruit you might not be too inclined to apply on your face, but here in the fruit lab, I am doing the messy (and fun) experiments to tell you the best ways to get fruit on your face! But first, why Plums? They are a rich source of antioxidants, They contain Minerals such as Calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, among others. They are loaded with Vitamin A! Plus they help to hydrate the skin. Why would you want all of these things for your skin? Well, antioxidants fight free radical damage in our skin cells, which means less fine lines and wrinkles and more healthy looking skin.  Vitamin A is going to be your skin BFF! it...

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Which Foundation will match my skin?

Salam aleikum everyone!    In this blog I want to try my best to help you find a foundation match from my line, which I know is hard since we are doing this online, but, have no fear, because it is not impossible! Whenever I have spoken with a customer that wants to find their match, we usually do a few things like:  * Send a picture*Talk about your skin color* Tell me which celebrity you look like   And as fun as all of those are, I find that the best way to find a match is by comparing which foundations from different brands you have worn, and matching it against mine. And since I have had quite a...

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WHAT IS HALAL MAKEUP? More than just Alcohol, Pork and Carmine

Halal makeup usually gets defined as makeup products that do not contain ingredients like alcohol, pork or carmine, but is that really all that halal makeup is? Let’s get one thing clear, makeup that is free of these ingredients is indeed Halal makeup, and that is because the word Halal translated from arabic means: permissible, and for muslims there are a lot of things that are permissible,but there are a few that are not, and those we call haraam (or impermissible), so what are the things that we are not allowed to consume? Alcohol – intoxicants and narcotic drugs Blood and blood by-products - blood is the circulatory cleansing fluid of the body and is not to be consumed Carnivorous...

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