What's a Mineral veil?

The mineral veil is one the best sellers around here, do you want to know why? 

Because it solves the biggest problems we have when it comes to applying makeup: 

Oily face: Mineral veil

Shiny face: Mineral veil 

Large pores: Mineral veil

Fine lines: Mineral veil 

So that's that! The mineral veil is awesome, and best of all is an all natural way to achieve skin that looks healthy and IS healthy! If you look at the ingredient list on a lot of todays finishing powders and sprays, you will find that a lot of them contain ingredients that can make your skin look good, but can damage it and cause irritation after, so what I wanted to achieve with this is something that makes you look flawless without any side effects!

By using minerals and natural clays you can have the best of both worlds, and feel good while looking good! 

Because of the nature of the ingredients, the Mineral Veil is white, (but blends in super easy) and thanks to your feedback I have now added a Mineral Veil that is customized for medium to darker skin tones, a tinted version of the Original Mineral veil that makes it even easier for you to use and apply. 



mineral veil - how to - halal makeup

mineral veil how to


Ingredients:Sericite mica, Zea mays, Mag. myristrate,silica, kaolyn clay, may contain iron oxides. 

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