2 mind hacks to help you wear less makeup!

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What would you say if I told you to stop wearing makeup today? 

It sounds absolutely impossible, with no enough sleep, sugary snacks, the lack of water and stress, going makeup free is a wonderful dream: not a reality!

But I am here to tell you that it really doesn't have to be that way!

You see I never thought I could even entertain the possibility of going makeup-free, it was just out of the question, between the dark circles and the acne scars, I needed my concealer and foundation just to feel like myself. And I realize now that many of you feel the same way. 

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In a recent Instagram poll, (are you following me there, you should!) more than  85% of you said you want to achieve makeup-free complexion and about half can’t really do it at the moment because of their skin condition. 

But here's the thing,

before you get started with the skincare and the healthy eating and toxic-free makeup, you need to have one thing straight:

Your intention and mindset. 

Your intention is going to lead your heart in the right way, there are many reasons why women start wearing less makeup, but I know that for us as Muslim women, the driving thought is to connect spiritually with our creator, to accept and embrace our natural beauty and even to do it as an act of worship.


And then your mindset, changing the way you think about beauty standards and making it clear to yourself that you do not need to conform to any trend. Learning to appreciate yourself is the first step in this beauty goal ladder. 


And I am not saying that having a mindset shift is going to magically get rid of all your skin issues and make you go outside barefaced and anxiety-free, but it will allow you to fill your actions with meaning and make the journey to your beauty goal one that is filled with self-discovery and improvement.

I also want to share to key ways you can implement to start shifting your mindset:

Reflect within


Reflect outwardly

Reflect within yourself and realize that your body is a trust, that it does so much for you on a daily basis, and that it is created to preserve itself, that it is not working against you. Your body doesn’t want to have breakouts from the inflammation inside our bodies, or dark circles from lack of hydration and sleep, or be slow to heal from the lack of nutrients in our diet. No, far from it, our body wants to thrive and give us it’s best. So we need to nurture it, appreciate it and work with it. 

And then, reflect outwardly

Ever since their creation, makeup companies have banked on your insecurities. They have made us believe that being more attractive is the thing that will give us success, respect and everything we have ever dreamed of. And this messaging has been drilled into us, slowly over time, and deprogramming this thinking takes some knowledge and insight. I mean the things that women have done for the sake of beauty are enough to put into perspective just how much value society has placed in our looks. 

From double chin straps to toe surgery, the list is endless and horrifying. Yet today we still have things like vampire facials and don’t get me started on lip fillers. It seems that health gets put to the side when we need to look a certain way, and when you start on a journey to less makeup, you can slowly free yourself from this mental-slavery.

Wearing less makeup is a journey of many steps, but it can be a fulfilling one, because the mindset shift that can get you to achieve your makeup-free goals, is also going to make you put your focus on your health, and will give you that glow we are all looking for, but from the inside. 

Noor is one of my customers and she says 

I can’t thank you enough Claudia 🤗 and now I understand why you keep repeating how much it’s important to make sure you are taking care of your skin in and out! It makes such a big difference”

Noor Rajab.

If you are looking into skincare, and want to learn how to take care of your skin in a gentle and all-natural way, then click here to learn how to start with a healthy, simple and gentle routine. 


And these 5 lifestyle habits will get you set on the path to beautiful, healthy skin


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