FAQ: Why is there Silica in your products if it's Silicone free?

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You might have looked in the ingredients list and see that there is Silica in a few of our products, which might have caused some confusion since our products are free of silicones,
So I want to answer this question and clarify so you can feel at ease and use our products without worry.
Quick answer:

Silica and Silicones are actually different ingredients

Silicon Dioxide is the scientific name for Silica, which is a natural compound made of silicon (Si) and oxygen (O2), which are two of the earth's most abundant materials. 
So the silica in the cream concealers is actually silica and not silicone (I know it's confusing at first).
But Silica is a naturally derived ingredient, it's original state is in powder form, and it is water soluble while silicone is man made, with a different chemical structure that is produced in different forms including silicone fluids, resins, liquid, or flexible rubber-like solid (which is why they are used in waterproof cosmetics). So although the names are really close, they are quite different ingredients.
Hope this clears that up, please let me know if you have any more questions!!
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