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If you have found your Foundation Match with the Skin Tint Quiz, you might want to know the shades a little better. 


One of the questions we usually get is, which is the next lighter shade with the same undertone as mine? And which is the next darker? Also you might be wondering about the concealer shades and how they compare to the Skin tint. 

In this blog, I will try my best in sha Allah to answer your questions!

So I will be showing you the shades based on undertones, and if you haven't figured out yours yet, there is a quick test you can do, 

But, why would I want to know my undertone?

Undertones allow for a better match when it comes to foundation, you see sometimes a foundation can be the right range when it comes to how light or dark it is, but there might still be something off, it might look too pink, too yellow or too gray. Usually when this happens, it means that there is an issue with the undertone of the foundation.

So knowing your undertone can be extremely helpful to get the best match, 

How can I know what my undertone is?

In direct sunlight, if possible, take a look at the inside of your arm and observe your veins. What color do they seem? You should be able to pick up either a green or blue tint, or a little bit of both, and depending on the color of your veins, then we can determine your undertone. 

If your veins are more blue (or purple) : your undertone is cool

If your veins are more green : your undertone is warm

If you see both blue and green, then your undertone is neutral. 


So if you know your undertone, then you can take a look at the shades that suit your skin and know which shades are lighter or darker than the shade you got on the Foundation Quiz:


If you want to check out more on each shade range, click here for Fair Skin Tones, Light Skin tones, Medium Light Skin Tones, Medium Skin tones, Medium Tan Skin tones ,Medium Dark Skin tones
If you want to check out more on each shade range, click here for Fair Skin Tones, Light Skin tones, Medium Light Skin Tones, Medium Skin tones, Medium Tan Skin tones ,Medium Dark Skin tones

How does the Concealer relate to the Mineral Skin Tint?

The Custom Cream Concealer are about 10% lighter and just slightly warmer (with more yellow) than the foundation by the same name. 

What this does is that it takes the guesswork out of choosing a concealer. This was something that I struggled with when purchasing foundations, so when I created the concealers I wanted to have a simple way for you to find your foundation, and your concealer, if needed. 

Below you can see some examples with some of the Mineral Skin Tint, side by side with the Concealer. 


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