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Salam Aleikum sister!

Let's talk about wudhu friendly makeup, because there is a question I get asked often, and I thought a video with a more in depth explanation would be a better way of answering it!



Assalamualaikum sister so in this video I want to answer a question that I get asked all the time and that is

How is it that the makeup is wudhu friendly?

how do you know that the water is reaching the skin?

how can i be like um secure using this when i'm praying? 

how do you know?

and it's actually quite a complex process because there are a few steps that I do to assure this and so in this video I just wanted to show you what goes into like making wudhu friendly makeup and halal makeup and all natural cosmetics.

So wudhu-friendly makeup is just makeup that is non-waterproof that is breathable, there are actually a few terms that you can use when it comes to  this type of makeup, but I find that wudhu friendly it's the most accurate one because  I just want to make sure that you understand that the prayer is what is a priority here. So anything that gets in the way of that is just not going to work.

So i have a lot of powders and clays, and oils, and all types of ingredients so the first thing that I do especially with the powders is that I test them and then I see how they behave in the water um and a little bit before this step I just get all the knowledge that I need about them. So some ingredients are just like waterproof by nature like waxes, and other ingredients they are just not waterproof so when you have a lot of the minerals most of them are not waterproof, so if you have mineral makeup that doesn't have a claim of being waterproof then you're probably fine to pray with it, but in spite of that I like to take the powders and just do a little test is really quickly I just take them, I take a little bit of water I see how they behave in the water, and some powders you can immediately tell that they will be wudhu friendly that they're perfectly fine, and some other ones you can also clearly see that they just do not mix with water.

Now there are a lot of minerals and powders so one thing that happens is that a lot of them get coated with ingredients that make them waterproof so you can have like a clay or you can have like mica right, but then this mica gets coated with wax or gets coated with silicones which makes them waterproof so then I go through the ingredients and I make sure that all of the powders that i use all the minerals are not coated, so that i can preserve that wudhu friendly and breathable aspect of it.

So you will see in this video that I'm going to show you how different powders behave how they just mix with the water or don't mix with the water do they mix immediately do they take a little shake, a few things and i take notes of it so that when i formulate i know exactly what i'm working with so after this test I will do a few more tests um I will apply them on my hands I will mix them with other things just so I can see how they behave which ingredients do they love which ones they don't and this is a process that takes a long time so this is just something that i have done for many years now and I have gotten very used to the ingredients that I work with and at this point, i know when I'm making a product which ingredient I should work with which one is best and which one i should stay away from now after i get to know the ingredients.

The next thing is to know what product I'm making each product will have a different approach like a foundation, a concealer, blush like they all have different specifications ( and that's another process for another video we're not going to get into that.)

But once I have a formula that I love then what I do is test the formula I see if it works I see how it responds to the water i follow all of these steps so that i can make sure that i not only have a product that is breathable and wudhu friendly but also a product that performs well, so for example the Mineral skin tint which is one of the favorites on the website is a liquid foundation that is completely wudhu friendly,and you will see how like even if you put it in the water you will see how it completely mixes with the water, but at the same time when you apply it on your skin, it offers such a nice coverage and it doesn't dry out your skin and it just gives you a nice youthful glow.

So my goal when i make my products is to have a product that performs really well but at the same time is breathable and it's not waterproof and it's not going to prevent the water from reaching your skin. At this point when I have the product and I love how it performs and i know by the ingredients that i chose and the way that i um combine the ingredients i know that it is breathable and that is not waterproof then i just do a few more tests just so i can see how it behaves when I'm actually taking wudu with it.

Some products are amazing and they are not waterproof but when you take wood with them then they are too messy so this will be a product that I will not move forward with, because I want it to be not waterproof and breathable I also want it to perform really well and when you take wudhu i don't want you to have a whole mess on your face if you have used my products you will see that when you take wudu they actually just kind of fade and they don't make a mess on your face and that is because I make sure that I test this process as well.

So how is it wudhu friendly?

it's actually a long process of:

testing the ingredients

testing the formulation

testing the end product,

and then having it available for you on my website.

So i hope that this video just made it really clear that the prayer is the top priority so anything that gets in the way of that um is not going to be on my website and that when i mean wudu friendly that's what i mean that you can take wudu with it that there's not going to be any barrier preventing the water from reaching the skin and that you can have peace of mind when the time to pray comes.

So I hope this was helpful and I hope that you have a great day assalamualaikum!


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