Halal Eyebrows - 6 years of no plucking!

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I waxed my eyebrows once,
felt the pain,
and decided I would never do that again,
so then I proceeded to take on what seemed like a less painful route:
pluck them out one by one,or
just put a razor to them every other day,
(great alternative, right?😒

But that's how it was, until about 6 years ago,

And now, i share some updates with you once in a while, because I know it's a struggle, specially in the beginning, and *specially* when we are seeing perfectly plucked and groomed eyebrows everywhere,

and you feel like you are the only crazy one that's over here with your stubby hairs and unkept looks....

but you are not alone, far from it!, these conversations bring out a lot of comments from sisters who are either starting, are halfway or some that have passed the uncomfortable phase and are finally comfortable with their natural, beautiful and God given brows,

(I'm finally on the last category now, yay!)

And isn't it interesting how eyebrows take up such a small amount of space in our face and yet they can have such a big effect on us, making us feel happy/stressed/anxious/confident/enter-your-feelings-here?

But a lot of what we think about them comes from society and whatever the trends are, so I think is key to let go of the ever changing norms that say that your brows should be pencil thin one season and bushy and full the next, and really reflect on the established rulings given to us by Islam,

ones that don't change and that make you feel better about yourself no matter what Vogue says,

And that is not to say you have to struggle and look like a mess, I mean I know I wouldn't have been able to grow mine peacefully without filling them with the Eye and Brow pot,


 #TheStruggleIsReal but so are the many options to help us transition!

  • You can use a halal, wudhu friendly eyebrow filler like the Eye and Brow pot.
  • You can dye the strays hairs to have a more clean look without having to remove hair. 
  • You could also use makeup to cover the hairs around your eyebrows. 
But most importantly, embrace the Natural look!