Carmine in cosmetics, is it halal?

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So you are probably learning more about cosmetics and what goes into your products (And on your skin),

If you are, you might have learned about a little critter that could be creeping up in your cosmetics: CARMINE!

What is Carmine? and is Carmine halal?

Carmine has an interesting, (and ancient) history, and it is known by a few different names. It is a red pigment that is obtained by crushing the dried bodies of female cochineal beetles, and as beetles are insects, (and are not permissible for us to eat as muslims,) having them in skin care and cosmetics, would not be the correct thing to do. 


is carmine in cosmetics halal

But cosmetics are not eaten! - does it really matter?

It does matter when you take into consideration that lipstick gets ingested over time by those of us who wear it, whether you realize it or not, so it is important that all of the products that are in such close contact with our mouths, be pure and made with halal ingredients. 

Also, several studies have shown that the skin absorbs the products that are applied to it, with the face having a higher permeability than other parts of the body.

So we must try our best to make our cosmetics as clean and pure as we can, so that we can be in a purified state without having haram(impermissible) substances on us. 

You can see if products contain Carmine by checking the ingredient list, if you find any of the following names, it means that carmine is used and this product is not halal:

  • Carmine
  • Cochineal extract
  • Natural Red 4
  • (E120)

 The good news is that there are many ways that lipsticks can be beautifully colored thay does not involve creepy crawling insects!


is carmine in cosmetics and lipsticks halal


And that's what I do here, I make sure that only the purest ingredients make it to the lipsticks! 

And just how is this done? 

Well, let me introduce you to Iron oxides,

They are minerals that can be used to get a wide range of colors, as you can see from all the shades available, and not only that, but they are free of any toxics substances like lead, synthetic dyes, parabens,Phthalates, BHT, BHA, PEG Compounds or  Formaldehyde-Releasing preservatives. 


is carmine in cosmetics halal

So, Is Carmine halal? unfortunately it is not, but that doesn't need to stop you from enjoying a wide range of gorgeous lip colors that are made with the best ingredients nature has to offer! 

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