Lipstick Palettes.

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What's better than finding your favorite shade of lipstick? 

Having your favorite color together with other complementary shades that multiply the options you have, All in one palette, ready to be played with! This is what  so many of you love about the lisptick palettes, the ease to mix and match and to take it everywhere with you. 

That's why I am so glad to have them back, and now in the 3 color combinations that have proven to be your favorites! 


All the  palettes comes with an applicator.

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Some of the amazing ingredients that make up the Lipsticks: 


Avocado Oil


Coconut Oil

Cocoa Butter

Castor Oil


Beeswax, Avocado Oil, Castor oil, Cocoa Butter, Coconut oil, Stevia, natural flavor oil, titanium dioxide, Iron oxides.

Unlimited combinations

Each palette color is chosen based on the unlimited ways you can mix and match the colors to get the shade that best matches you!


I absolutely love mixing the different shades! This is my second lipstick palette that I've purchased and I love mixing the varying shades to get subtle or dramatic looks!

A'isha S.

crafted with nature's best

Avocado, castor and coconut oil, together with Cocoa butter will nurture your lips and keep them hydrated and healthy!


no bugs on your lips

Carmine red (a.k.a dried up female beetles) can be found on many lipsticks, but not here! And there are also no synthetic dyes, lead or any toxic ingredients!


beautifully modest

Pinks, peaches, browns and warm reds all make up the selection of modest colors that will let you look your best in an elegant and classy way.


Subtle and Dramatic tells you everything right there on the title, You have Pink and Blossom for a subtle look, but then you have Plum which is such an intense color, along with Brick and Red. With this palette you can have everyday colors and special occasion looks just by mixing the lighter and darker shades together, (or wearing each of them by themselves!) 

Earthy and Warm has Burgundy, Chocolate, Coral, Red and Nude and it is a great choice if you like reds and oranges, and with the addition of Chocolate and Nude, you can add more or less warmth depending on the occasion, or just use Chocolate by itself for a more subtle and natural look. The options are endless! 

Pink Neutrals is for the subtle, delicate type that likes soft pinks and a  more toned down makeup. But with the addition of Raspberry along with Fawn, Pink, Peach and Blossom, you have the option of darkening the lighter shades but still staying in a very pretty and natural color range. 

Hydrating, pigmented colors

Yes, please!

What do sister's think?




I loved the colors because they looked so natural. They stayed for a long while and don’t come off as much as commercial products.




I love experimenting with the different shades and combining them to make a new look! Planning on buying the others as well!!! Jazakhalahair!!!

Lipstick Palettes.

$18.00 USD