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Wudhu Friendly Makeup - How does it work?

Salam aleikum! Hello and Hola to all of you sisters!!!

In today's post I am talking about something that has been the sole reason for the creation of my cosmetics: Whudu and Prayer! 

**(If you are new here, whudu is the ritual cleansing muslims have to do before performing their prayers)

Something I get asked a lot is, how is the makeup whudu friendly? Does it mean I can take whudu over it?

The very simple answer is Yes! You can take whudu over the makeup, because there are no ingredients that can form a barrier that can prevent the water from reaching the skin. The Mineral powders are the best option because not only are they breathable, but they can help your skin if it is acne prone or sensitive. The concealers are free of waxes and silicones, which are the main ingredients used for waterproof makeup. The Lipsticks and Eye and Brow pot do contain wax, but the percentage in which they are used in the formula does not make them waterproof. For cosmetics to be waterproof they need to have a combination of not only oils and waxes, but also Silicones. Silicones are the star of all waterproof makeup, because they have the ability to form a film on top of your skin to prevent water from disrupting your makeup. 

And although Silicones are not haraam (impermissible)  for muslims to apply on their  skin, it is an ingredient that is known to cause breakouts, irritation and clogged pores (see at the same time it prevents water from messing with your makeup, it also blocks the pores in your skin from doing what they normally do, release toxins, sweat to cool you down in hot heather, among other things). So it is not an ingredient that I would like to have everyday on my skin, when there are many other great and natural alternatives to achieve the same look! 

Another question I get often is, "what if I wear the concealer, mineral powders and mineral veil, can I still do my whudu over the makeup? 

"Yes! you can, since there are no film-forming ingredients in any of my products, the water will still be able to reach your skin, even if you have worn the powder and concealers together."

Whudu and makeup can be very simple, because most makeup is not waterproof, but because Silicones are used in over 70% of cosmetics today, (And their popularity is increasing) escaping the waterproof, sweat-proof products is becoming harder and harder.  

Below you can see a video on how simple it is when you have makeup that is whudu-friendly, 

1. I like to blot my lipsticks because it prevents them from transferring on my hand when I am taking whudu, and I like to make sure I don't have too much product on my brows by doing a little wipe before . 

2. Take your whudu.

3. Pat your face dry to prevent smudging your makeup. Because the makeup is not waterproof, if you wipe your face you can remove a lot more makeup than if you just pat your face dry. 

4. And that is it! Depending on the time of day your are doing your makeup, you might want to retouch your makeup or not. It really depends on you, how many times you have taken whudu, how much makeup you applied, etc. 



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