This is the beauty standard worth following

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I think beauty standards are just wrong.

Allah has made everything diverse and different, and there is a undeniable truth in this, if we are willing to reflect and ponder.

One of His many beautiful creations, flowers, are a proof of that. There are over 300,000 varieties of flowers and all of them look and behave differently.

beauty standards are wrong
Can you imagine if the flowers decided one day, to go against their nature and try to change their appearance? if they all wanted to look as one particular kind?
All of the benefit in their variety and each individual function would be lost. How are we able to appreciate the beauty in all of them, and not appreciate our own?

When Al-Musawwir (The Flawless Shaper) has shaped them and us?

I think this is a tricky subject, and we are very sensitive when it comes to it, but we also must have open and honest discussions about achieving a balance in the way we present ourselves, I mean, why is the beauty standard of exaggerated pouty lips, light-colored eyes, super arched eyebrows and raised cheekbones the one that is followed by so many? If these are your natural features, then good for you, but I think we are being made to believe that this is what we all must look like.


As muslim women, we must know better, we must find a balance, where we can enhance and appreciate  our natural beauty, but not transform it into someone else's....


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