5 Wudhu-Friendly makeup tips

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Halal makeup tips

Prayer and the use of makeup is a heavily talked about subject, but one that does not get too much importance, so if you are wondering how can you balance your spiritual duties with a all natural and halal cosmetic routine, read on!


 1. Make sure your makeup is Halal: This is the first step in having purity when it comes time to our Salah (prayer). Ingredients like collagen, gelatin, tallow, alcohol, among others, can make the creams and makeup you are applying to your skin impure, and as believing women we must try our best to make our cleanliness reach all the aspects of our life.( to learn more about which ingredients are not permissible  (haraam) read my previous post.)

 whudu friendly makeup tips


2. Avoid products that contain silicone. Silicone is a synthetic product created from chains of oxygen and silicon, two naturally-occurring components of the Earth’s crust. It’s typically rubbery, heat-resistant and waterproof, which is what makes it excellent for use in many cosmetic products. This ability to create a film that goes over your skin can be a desired aspect for many but it makes sense that if nothing can get in, then oils and dirt are trapped and can’t get out, meaning your skin might be suffocated for a good part of the day and this can clog your pores and cause breakouts and irritation. So not only is a silicone free skin routine better for your skin, but it also can help you a smoother Prayer-Makeup relationship.

whudu friendly halal makeup tips 


After performing  your ritual cleansing(whudhu) one of the best things you can do when drying your face is Pat, Pat, Pat, never rub your skin as this might result in the makeup that has just been softened by the water to completely come off.  By patting your face dry you will be able to have a nice residual makeup that will not look washed out. After patting you can choose to retouch your makeup.

4.Opt for a modest and natural makeup application: If you are wearing a full face of makeup for daily wear, it might feel very hard to wash off your makeup when it comes time to pray, and in time your Salah (Prayer) might start to feel like a chore and not a fullfilling spiritual connection between you and your Maker. So go for modest makeup looks and silicone free makeup, The mineral powder foundations are a great alternative that can make you look natural but not overdone. By choosing more conservative products  you will be more relaxed when it comes to your ritual cleansing. Not only that but wearing a modest makeup is very in line with our faith principles and part of the modesty that should go along with wearing halal makeup.

 Halal makeup tips

5. Take care of your skin: Nothing has helped me more in my reduction of heavy makeup like taking care of the health of my skin. As believing women taking care of the blessings granted to us is not only a duty, but a source of great benefit. By applying all natural creams and masks, you can restore the health of your skin and be more confident with or without makeup!  If you are taking steps to take care and improve your skin, staying hydrated and getting plenty of sleep are the best and more cost effective ways to do so!


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