Is Halal Makeup always Wudhu friendly?

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halal wudhu friendly makeup difference - wudu

You might be surpised by this title, after all, if makeup is Halal, then it must be wudhu friendly as well, right? 

Well, not quite, 

First,let's first clarify :

What is Wudu-friendly makeup? ...

It is simply makeup that is not waterproof, (or that's breathable) so that when you are taking whudu (The ritual cleansing muslims must do before prayer) the water is able to reach your skin and it can be valid. 

So by this definition, you can have makeup that is Halal, but not necessarily wudu-friendly...

(If you are unsure of what exactly Halal makeup is, the go read this post!)

Because although ingredients like waxes, oils and silicones are not considered haram, when these are combined in a product, they are a super waterproof team that makes water bounce off your face! 

And if water is not reaching your face, then your wudhu is not valid 😕. 

halal wudhu friendly makeup wudu


And we want to make sure that our prayers are done in the best manner, that our wudu is valid and that there are no impure substances on our skin while we pray.

So if you want to save yourself the hassle of removing your waterproof makeup before taking wudhu, (or trying to make your wudhu last as long as possible) you want to make sure that your makeup is wudu-friendly.

That is going to make things simpler and it will allow you to perform your prayers without the worry of having to remove makeup, or worst, not being sure if your wudu is valid.

But how can you tell if your makeup is breathable? 

You can check the ingredients of the current makeup you have, and check for a combination of oils, waxes and silicones.

The first two are easier to spot, but if you are unsure if a product contains silicones, all you have to do is look for the end of the word and look for "-one", which will indicate the product has silicones. 

The most known silicone is Dimethicone, with Methicone coming close behind, but see how they both end with the "-one"? That's how you can find them quick and easy. 

Want to see a quick example of how some ingredients can totally repel water? Check out this video :

So on those days that you will be taking whudu, and want to avoid the hassle of having to remove your makeup, you might want to stick to a Mineral Foundation, or a light weight skin tint to even out your skin tone, so you can have a lovely makeup look that is both Halal and Whudu friendly! 



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