Upgrades on the Cream Custom concealer

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 Salam Aleikum dear!

The Custom Cream Concealers have been on of the most popular items on the website, and just recently, I have made a few tweaks and upgrades, that will in sha Allah make them even better!

The Custom part of the concealers refers to the fact that the shades are based on the corresponding foundation, 

So if you Match with Coconut Mineral Skin tint, then your Custom Concealer will still be Coconut, and this will be a shade that's a bit lighter than your foundation shade


I have done this to simplify the process for you, so just based on your foundation shade, you will know what other products will be good for your skin. 

 I want to show you some examples of Mineral Skin tint shades compared to the Custom Cream Concealers:

 (But Before we do that, please know that as of August, 2022 there are some tweaks that I've done to the Custom concealers to make them an even better match to the foundation shade):

coconut mineral skin tint


To better explain the upgrade on the shades, below you can see a picture of the Original Custom concealer, next to the new, upgraded version:

(*if you have found a match on the original concealer, you can email me to request that shade when placing an order)

(pictures of all shades will be coming soon in sha Allah!)

You can see that the new upgraded concealer is closer to the skin tint shade, and more neutral. This way it can not only be used as an undereye concealer, but all over the face, as needed. 

The Cream concealers have a lightweight texture, and I find that they can almost be a cream foundation, specially when you don't want to use a lot of product!

I will continue to add more pictures to this blog, and also there will be dedicated blog posts to each skin range, so you don't have to scroll through all the shades to get to your own!

 fair skin shades halal makeup  



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