All natural, Halal and Wudhu-friendly Concealers!

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Concealer has long been the item that we all seem to be on the lookout for,

And with due reason, after all, It can cover a sleepless night, dark circles and an overnight study session. But while it can do all these things, could it also benefit your skin?...

I hear the crickets, can you?

For the longest time I think us as women have accepted the fact that in order to get good coverage from makeup, what was importart was just that, -The coverage- but I wanted to create something that could give me the coverage we need, and at the same time be good to my skin, and actually do something good instead of clogging my pores!

Enter the concealers...

I actually created a totally different concealer back in 2016, it was supposed to be more creamy, filled with all natural ingredients, and while it was indeed creamy, after a while the shea and Cocoa butter would just dry up to much, which, I learned, is one of the hurdles of working with all natural ingredients...sometimes they just do whatever they want and there's nothing you can do about it.

So since I do everything in small batches, (alhamdulillah for that),  I was able to course correct and try a few different changes with the concealers, if you have been with me for a while, you might have seen that they were out of stock for a while....(a really long while), while the work was going on behind the scenes.

I am thankful for the mistakes and all the concealers i threw away because they failed to be the thing I was looking for, because now I am 100% happy and so excited about the new Glow and Restore Cream Concealers!

One of the things I am the happiest about, is that I used the Calendula infused almond oil instead of the regular Almond oil, I mean, don't get it twisted, Almond oil, all by itself is AWESOME. But I love infusing it with Calendula sooo much, (and I know that you guys do too!) that when re-crafting the concealers, I thought it was the absolute greatest addition I could have done.


Along with this, the new addition is Fractionated Coconut oil, to replace the regular Coconut oil I used in the past. The change came because Fractionated coconut oil absorbs quicker into the skin, (so no greasy feeling!) and it is a better alternative to regular Coconut oil, which can clog pores for those with an oily skin.

Cocoa butter is the next ingredient, unrefined to preserve all of it's amazing benefits, like deep hydration (which is much needed for the skin underneath the eyes) and antioxidants, to help keep our skin looking healthy and glowing.

To finalize, stearic acid, (vegetarian of course!) which helps to keep skin moisturized and provides the concealer with the firmness it needs to stay in the compact...

then, All natural clays, micas, minerals and iron oxides make up the rest of the concealers, to bring you amazing coverage, that also helps to nurture and restore skin.

The result is a concealer that I am in love with, that meets all my expectations: All natural, halal, wudhu friendly, with great coverage, and good for your skin!


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Welcome sis👋🏼Salam aleikum!

My name is Claudia Nour, and I write about modest makeup and all-natural, gentle skincare from an Islamic perspective.
I also created a line of all-natural, halal, and wudhu-friendly cosmetics so you can take care of your skin, feel confident without compromising your faith!