Mineral Shimmer Powders.

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The shimmer powders are a nice touch to your makeup, they give you a subtle glow that can make you look fresh and radiant!

Cotton candy is a delicate pink tone color that can be used not only as a blush but as an eyeshadow as well, making this a versatile and practical part of your cosmetic routine.

The same can be said for the Coral shimmer blush, it can be worn in all seasons and its a lovely coral tone that suits many skin tones!


To apply with the medium and big jars: Open the jar and rotate the sifter to open, dump  a bit of powder on the lid of the jar (or any flat surface of your choice) and use your brush to pick up the powder and apply it to your cheeks (with a blush brush) or your eyelids (with an eyeshadow brush or even your fingers) and blend as you prefer!