Liquid Shimmer

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This is a sheer liquid highlighter that can be used on face and body. Made with halal and all natural ingredients, and formulated without silicones and waxes so it's 100% whudu-friendly!

Check out the Liquid Shimmer in action!


You can apply it on your cheekbones, bridge of the nose, brow bone, or anywhere where you want a touch of shimmer.

1.Shake well before using
● Apply directly on skin and blend. or,
●Apply on skin and blend with brush, or
●Apply on skin and blend with a make up sponge.
(Don't let product dry without blending as it will create hard lines)
3.Enjoy your shimmering glow!
Ingredients: Rose water and Orange Blossom water, aloe vera gel, glycerin, mica,phenoxyethanol ,caprylyl glycol, sorbic acid.

Glow before and after

Say bye to shimmers filled with silicones that leave your pores clogged and skin dull!

The product is very light weight and did not cause any breakouts. I usually breakout from wearing make-up.

Maryam A.

Special events? check!

When you need that pop of shimmer, for that wedding, baby shower or just for a fun day, the liquid shimmers are the way to go!

easy to use and convenient

Not a makeup expert? no worries, the liquid shimmers are great for beginners and with the handy wand and side mirror, touch ups are  so easy!

Now with a side mirror


You can never have too many mirrors, right? Good, because now you are going to have one more to make sure those touch ups are just right! (or maybe just to check your lipstick!) 

Good for your skin shimmer!

Yes, please!