All the halal, all natural and wudhu-friendly options for your skin!

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Mineral Bronzers Claudia Nour Cosmetics
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Mineral Bronzers

$3.00 USD – $15.00 USD
"The powder texture went on my skin beautifully, and I didn’t even have to blend it a ton for it to look natural! Love this product" - Faith About Halal,...
Mineral Blushes. Claudia Nour Cosmetics
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Mineral Blushes.

$3.00 USD – $20.00 USD
"I love the blusher! The color is beautiful. Pigmented enough but not too heavy, matte the way I like it, and easy to use" - Zaitul J. About Halal, all...
Gift Cards Claudia Nour Cosmetics

Gift Cards

$20.00 USD – $250.00 USD
Nothing makes me happier than you gifting my products to a loved one, and now you can do just that! How it works: 2. Choose the amount you would like to...