Is your beauty your own? - Ramadan Beauty Series-2

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Let me paint you a picture,

You are on that time of the month,

And since you don’t need to take wudhu a few times a day

You fix yourself up, do your hair, your makeup, your nails, you name it...

You make yourself be the prettiest you can possibly be,

You spend 30 minutes contouring your face to the right proportions,

Your hair is ready to be on the cover of a magazine…


What does that look like for you?

I want you to imagine, the beautiful self you’ve put together….



You got the image in your head?



Does the image in your head look like a someone you look up to? A celebrity maybe? Or not really?

How much of your face shape did you change? How different is you hair now?

Who would be the most excited, within your circle, to see you the way you look now? 

Is it your friends?

 Is it your husband?

 Is it your mom? 

Is it your followers on social media?

(There is no wrong answer here by the way)

What I want to help you see is that every single decision that we make is influenced by something,

And whatever is influencing us, has more power than we realize.

And when it comes to what we consider beautiful, what we put effort on in regard to our physical self,

You want to be as aware as possible of the decisions you make

And be very clear on why you are doing the things you are doing.

Because we all want to be beautiful, but who gets to dictate what that is?

Well, the claim has been made, and it's being made still,

And we have all been agreeing….

And it's not who you might think it is,

I'll break it down for you in the next post...




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Welcome sis👋🏼Salam aleikum!

My name is Claudia Nour, and I write about modest makeup and all-natural, gentle skincare from an Islamic perspective.
I also created a line of all-natural, halal, and wudhu-friendly cosmetics so you can take care of your skin, feel confident without compromising your faith!