makeup *can* be your skin’s bff - Ramadan Beauty Series - 10

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In the previous article we spoke about intention, and in sha Allah it opened up some reflection paths for you,

I can tell you what it did for me,

Well for one, It made me create my whole line of cosmetics!!😄

And for the second, it made my journey towards beauty and modesty enjoyable and empowering!

So I want to tell you the 2 ways that makeup and skin care can be bffs, so in sha Allah you can also benefit:

We spoke about using makeup as a tool and with intention, and I had set my intention on reaching a place where I felt comfortable with my skin,

And using makeup and skin care to reach this point. 

Because as much as we can reflect and think and make the connections, if you are dealing with skin conditions like acne, dark spots, dark circles or irritated skin,

The reflections won’t do much for the insecurities these can bring,

So it’s so important to be honest with yourself,

To acknowledge where you are, and know where you want to go.

For example there were many times,(months at a time) when I felt I couldn’t go without my skin tint and concealer, because my skin was struggling, and I just wanted to cover up to not have to think about it.

I was doing my skin care, and building healthy habits, but it is a process, and it takes some time,

And while time was running, I could stress less when i had my foundation on.

And stress plays a role in our overall health, our mood and energy levels.

So in this way, makeup can be a friend to skin care.

It can ease your worries, while the skin care and lifestyle habits do it’s thing.

In the second way is that the makeup can actually be part skin care!

This one is more directly related to me creating Claudia Nour Cosmetics, but it still applies to you when choosing your products,be it mine or other brands.

This was part of what got me started, because I had this thought: 

If makeup stays on your skin for such a long part of the day,

Then why not make it with things that would be beneficial for the skin, and so you don’t have to have this fight between makeup and skin care,

They can both work together.

And SubhanAllah, the more I read about breathable makeup, which would be ideal for taking wudhu,

The more i realized that formulating this, would actually be good for the skin, since it wouldn’t be trapped under a layer of silicones and plastic-like ingredients that suffocate it!

And then, the more I read about Minerals, the more i understood that Allah created so many things to nurture us in so many ways (like sooooo many ways,)

For liquid formulations I only use floral waters, which are the same ingredients in toners and serums and hydrate the skin naturally, and oils of course are a great protection and have their own functions to the skin.

And so on and so forth!

So makeup can be a bff to skin care in this way too,

Breathable, all natural makeup is a complement to holistic and halal skin care.

They can help each other while we restore our skin, and build up our habits and confidence in a way that it's seamless and organic!


In sha Allah i hope you see more and more, 

How when we refine our intention for beauty, it can actually be a great tool that we can take advantage of.

And If you loved this series and feel connected to what you read, I have great news, because this series has also triggered a new path for me, the Halal Beauty Studio, where you can learn how to take care of your beauty by not only learning about where it all comes from, but also making your own products!
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