The messengers of the body..- Ramadan Beauty Series - 6

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Do you know that your body is talking to you? 

This is one of the biggest mindset shift I had in my journey with beauty.

I remember getting a pimple and being furious at it, thinking “why are you doing this to me now?!?”

And seething at the fact that after I was able to deal with it, I would be left with a mark that would also stay forever

I would be mad at my own body for these things, that in reality are small, but felt like a gigantic obstacle to me

And then the dark circles, 

Or your skin just looking so dry that you could count the pores…

Have you had those moments?

The why me??? that jumps out whenever something in your face is not as you want it to be?

What if I tell you that all these things that are happening are ways in which your body communicates with you? 

That our bodies are actively trying to keep us alive and well??

Because we KNOW what is good for the body,

We know that 💦water is good,

🍎Fruits, 🥕veggies, 🥖 whole grains, 🥜nuts and 🥑healthy fats are good

And yet, what do we give our bodies? 

If you think about what you eat in a day, how many naturally green colored foods are you eating? 

And how many ☕🍨sugary coffees are you drinking

(or now in many baklavas?)

So when a pimple comes up, that is the body telling us, 

Actually screaming at us: 

🔊There is too much inflammation!

🔊We need more water!

🔊We need more vitamins!

When dark circles show up, your body is letting you know you are not getting enough sleep, or you are dehydrated a bit (because the skin under the eyes is the thinnest in the whole body, so dehydration shows up there as well when the skin is not at it’s best)

When you have dark spots and hyperpigmentation often and for long periods of time, that is a message that you need more healing in the body, more vitamin c, more turmeric, more anti-oxidant rich foods (and a bit of exfoliation on the outside)

When your skin is looking dull and dry, that can be a sign that you are eating empty food that most likely has way too much added sugar, and your body is lacking vitamins and micronutrients that give it a healthy glow and vibrancy (it also signals a lack of sleep)

Did you know the fancy vitamin C serums are not nearly as effective as just eating an orange or lemon? It might shock you, but think about it, 

how acidic are lemons? Very acidic!!!

Can you put lemon directly on your face? NO! (don’t ever do that!) 

But you can you eat a whole lemon, peel and all without any issue? Yes you can!

(I actually squeeze a lemon in my tea, then take the peel, chop it in small pieces and put them in a jar with a bit of honey to eat as a snack!)

So your body is 100% able to not only deal with the acidity of the lemon, but process it, and give your skin the vitamin C and healing it needs. Something that it’s yet to be proven with vitamin c Serums.

The same with other things,

Have you noticed the effect sleep has on your face?

And that no matter how many caffeine creams, cold face washes, cucumbers or red light therapy you might do to your face,

If your body did not get a change to rest properly, your skin will carry the evidence

Everything that happens in your skin is a reflection on what is going on inside,

And your body is actively trying to let you know, so you can fix it, and then you can be happy by looking full of beauty (health!)

And your body is happy by also being full of health (beauty)


In the next article I will tell you how i support my skin, by supporting my body, both on the inside and outside!



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