2 questions that might change you forever - Ramadan Beauty Series 9

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(this is an ongoing series of articles about skin care, makeup and beauty as seen through lense of Islam and it's teachings, if you are a new here, you can check out the first article in the series here!)

Salam aleikum sis!

Since we have been talking a lot about skin care, and how we can take care of it in the best possible way, 

I thought it was time to touch on makeup, and how we can turn it into something that is beneficial for our mind and soul

And in all transparency, I need to share some of my own story here, because when i first started making the Mineral Foundations, I had no clue about all the things I’ve been writing on these emails, 

I didn’t think about the skin, the connections, the body, etc..

I just wanted to look *good,

I wanted my skin to be *presentable, 

My lashes to be long, my eyebrows to be *as the should be...

And so I created these products, because I also had an Imaan boost, (As we all do) when first coming into Islam, and I wanted my prayer to be as correct as possible.

So I would wear a full face of makeup, every day,

And this is important to know, 

Because the thing I have also realized is that

there is a journey that you have to take,

Specially if you, like me, have grown up with the beauty standards, and the unspoken appearance requirements that women feel they have to live up to.

So In the beginning of my beauty journey I would wear all the things, foundation, concealer, mascara, eyeshadow, blush and lipstick, 

In order to feel like myself.

And then Islam came, like a trusted, wise friend, and looked me in the face, and posed the question:

“Who really is this self that you have to put together?”

at the time, my response was silence and denial...

This is not an easy question,

It requires a lot of self reflection,

And looking inward,

And removing the shell that you think you are(your looks), and checking what is it that makes you, YOU.

I don’t have enough space, or time, to tell you where this question has led me,

But I would like to warm you up to it,

And invite you to think about it…



And I would also like to tell you how I feel about makeup now,

Because maybe you have had all the introspection,

And you too, know that makeup is a tool,

That some days you will need to reach for a few more products because you didn’t get enough sleep,😢

Some days you will feel in a certain mood and you want to play a bit,🎉

Some days you will feel good about your skin, and might just put a little lipstick💄

Some days you will feel good about your skin, and still reach for the foundation, because it’s hot outside and you don’t want to look so sweaty!😅

Most importantly, it is a tool to be used, not something that can break you down if it's not available,

and not something you use to gain attention and earn value through..

So how can we balance this and find the middle path??

It starts with the intention in your heart, which can be a tricky thing to master,

And so,

since we are on the subject of questions that spark reflection.

I want to share with you my intention-checker when it comes to makeup:

This one never fails me, and if you are wondering if you wear makeup to show it off to others, or you do it for yourself, then ask yourself this:

Would I wear this _________ if I were staying home and no one would see me (not even on social media, or facetime, or whatsapp)?

So whatever your routine is now, put it on the line, and check yourself. 

Again, this is not to shame you, or to make you feel bad

I promise youbeing honest with yourself can bring out things you didn’t even know where inside you!

So ask yourself and see where it leads you,

and if you would like to talk about it, know that my inbox is open if you want to invite me, into your reflections...

see you on the next article,




*When I mentioned in this article, I wanted to look "good", "presentable" and as "I should" these were all based on the beauty standards i had been raised with, that made me feel insecure about my natural self. Alhamdulillah for the growth ever since!

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