Clay Masks Jar
Clay Masks Jar
Clay Masks Jar
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Clay Masks Jar

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Meet the upgrade of the clay masks!!

  • Halal and all natural
  • Apothecary style jar with cork clossure
  • Create a special experience when applying the face masks
  • Choose any of the four clay masks option for your jar
  • Natural wood spoon is included and attaches to the side

If you love the way your skin feels after the masks, then you will want to get this beautiful, apothecary style jar to have a nice supply of healing clay masks available to you!

 They hold 3 times as much as the mask packets!

Using a clay mask is easy! Put about 2 spoons of clay in a bowl and mix with
water until you get a nice smooth paste. .
Spread mask on face avoiding eye area. Sit back and relax until mask feels sticky but not completely
dry. Wash off with cool water and pat dry.

French green clay mask: French green clay.
Clay and Oats mask: Colloidal oats, Kaolin Clay, Bentonite Clay, French Green Clay
Chocolate Mask: Raw Cocoa Powder, Milk powder, Rhassoul Clay, Kaolin Clay
Rhassoul Clay Mask: Rhassoul Clay
Net wt. 3 oz.


Pamper yourself, you deserve it!

No appointment necessary, with these jars you can have an energizing facial that will leave your skin glowing!

Which clay mask is right for me?

Clay masks are all awesome, but some other specific benefits that you might be looking to harness for your skin, scroll to see waht each mask can offer and what skin type it's best for:

Ready when you are