Perfume Oils

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The perfume oils are an all natural alternative to harmful chemicals in conventional perfumes.

Alcohol free fragances, in a fractionated Coconut oil base that absorbs quickly and leaves you with a lovely scent that is not overpowering. 


The perfume oils are safe and can be used on body, face and hair.

Apply the roller with gentle motions to spread the perfume. 

Fractionated Coconut oil base, all natural, halal, vegan fragance. 

Naturally scented

Farewell toxic chemicals! You can have beautiful scents and peace of mind with these alcohol and phatalate free, vegan perfume oils!


Perfume oils allow you to have a delicate and exquisite aroma that stays with you, not overpowering, but still there.

portable and beautiful

This bottle can go places! With it's compact and elegant design, this is one you want to have with you at all times!

Tiny but Mighty

The perfume oils comes in a rather small packaging, but don't let that fool you. It will take a long while to finish one bottle!


Halal perfumes for the win!

Yes, please!

How much perfume is in this product?

The Perfume oils contain 0.3 oz. A little goes a long way so this bottle can last you for a while!

Does it have a roller?

Yes, you apply this by rolling it on your arms, neck, even hair! They can be used in body, face and hair!