August Member's Box

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Hello members! 


August Box is inspired by taking care of ourselves,

Slowing down, and having relaxing moments that will benefit ourselves, and in turn, our skin:

For this monthly box you are getting some Chocolate and Rose inspired items, like the Soothing Chocolate Face mask, that is full of antioxidants to regenerate the skin, along with the Chocolate Lip Balm to fill your day with it's amazing scent while it nurture your lips. Also you are getting the Lavender Apricot Face cream which is great for under eye circles, and that has been made with Lavender infused Apricot Kernel oil and Organic Coconut oil. And this monthly gift, is a the Bouquet Facial Spritz, made with Rose hip, Hibiscus, Orange Blossom and Rose water, you will see the difference this amazing and revitalizing spritz makes in your skin, I promise!!!

Your box does not expire, so even though the membership service is stopping you can order your august box anytime in sha Allah!