Welcome to the Email Challenge


So what is this skin care challenge?

Well, have you ever wanted to have a Skin Care BFF?Someone you could reach out whenever you have a question? or need to get rid of breakouts and dark circles?

Well, that's what you got! 

And in these 30 days I will teach you everything I know about taking care of your skin in a natural, simple and effective way!

(And that Bff just happens to love crafting all natural products) win-win!

So thank you for joining!!!!


Ok Claudia, now what?

Now, you will start receiving daily emails, starting on DAY 1 of the challenge! In each email you will find a video, where I will teach you, and ask you for a small daily change, at the end of 30 months we should have an established path for glowing skin!

Reply back!

Daily emails will always have a task for you, so keep me updated on your progress!

Small changes, big results!

Small daily tasks, will amount to a great skin care routine!

I've got a welcome gift for you!

In your first email you will find a 15% off coupon that you can redeem anytime!