Skin type - Sensitive

Nurture and glow

Sensitive skin needs ultra gentle care, and even more gentle ingredients to provide healing and balance. 


Sensitive Skin

Which products could be the most beneficial to you?

Sensitive skin needs soothing and healing ingredients, like Rose petals, Chamomile flowers, Calendula and Hibiscus, that will add hydration and moisturize the skin.  

Rose and Chamomile Cleansing Scrub

Rose and Hibiscus Facial Spritz

Rose, Calendula and Chamomile Facial Oil


Sensitive skin needs to be treated like baby skin, that's why the Rose and Chamomile cleansing scrub is ideal for it! The oats cleanse the skin without stripping it of it's natural oils and the chamomile and roses impart nutrients and vitamins your skin needs.


This step is crucial if you have sensitive skin, the hydration before the facial oils could be the trick your skin needs to stay happy and plump. Rose water is a natural p.h. balance, and Hibiscus is a hydration magnet and will help draw moisture in your skin.


And now, all you have to do is apply the facial oils to seal in that moisture you have applied in the previous step! You will also get all the soothing, anti-inflammatory properties of almond oil, roses, calendula and chamomille!

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