The Sisterhood of Pretty Healthy Skin

"I need help with my skin"
"I am not sure if I am doing it right"
"Am I the only one that's dealing with this?"
Does any of these phrases sound familiar to you? Let me tell you something, this is something we are all struggling with, and it doesn't help that we get bombarded with pretty images of women that have tiny pores, zero breakouts and no acne scars. 
But that's not reality,
The reality is that at some point in our lives we are all going to deal with all the issues, 

and I mean ALL the issues


dark circles,

acne scars

fine lines and wrinkles

and more,

So what we need is a support system, that helps us navigate through the ups and downs and lets us achieve the goal of skin that is HEALTHY and PRETTY!
And this is why I want to officially introduce you to:

I know how frustrating it can be to stare in your reflection and see skin that is not looking it's best, and that is why I want to create this special community, so we can really see and experience progress together, because our skin is constantly changing and getting to know it and learning how to manage these ups and downs is the key to our best skin yet!

No more confusion

Feel confident in  the choices you make for your skin. And stop the overwhelm of keeping up with trends and fads!

Join a community

Together we can go further, and with a support group behind you, you will be held accountable and you will stay motivated to keep up the work!

Simplify your routine

You can have beautiful skin with a simple routine, no 13 steps or hours spent with countless products. All natural products can do it all!

But I didn't want to just create a group of like minded sisters who want better skin, I also want to give you the tools to achieve it...

When you join the sisterhood, you will receive:

You will get your monthly pakcage and you can take 30% off all your monthly purchases plus enjoy free shipping on all orders! You can select the products you love, or request a custom product choice to help guide you!

Private, sisters only facebook group

This is one of my favorite parts of this sisterhood! We will hold each other accountable, celebrate our success and support each other in our struggles. I will be holding weekly live sessions to share our journey, plus more member-only content!

customized product choices

This is a sisterhood I have been dreaming about, and you will get special treatment and more when you join like first look at new products and customized packages. 

Monthly gift + free samples

When you sign up you also get a free customized gift, plus you will get members-only samples!

Other sisters have already seen the results:

I love this oil! It smells wonderful but not overpowering. It is infused and not mixed with essential oils so it’s so much nice and gentler on my skin. I had a pimple pop up on my nose that got very red and dry, surprisingly, this oil helped a lot. It’s not gone but it’s no longer dry answer is disappearing day by day. GET THIS!

Kayla - about the facial oils

I love this set! The cleansing scrub is gentle yet productive, clearing my skin literally within days. Using the rose and aloe spray left my skin invigorated and the oil is moisturizing. The lip balm is so silky, a little goes a long way. I am so grateful for these products.

Amiel L. - about Skin Care Essential set



My name is Claudia, and I am the creator of Claudia Nour Cosmetics, a line of makeup and skin care that is made with ingredients that are all natural, halal and wudhu-friendly,

I have a passion, to see you have beautiful and healthy skin without the overwhelming feeling that you need more, to remind you that less is more when it comes to your skin and to bring a little closer to the real "no makeup" look!!


Monthly Membership

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$ 30 Monthly
  • A Monthly box of amazing products
  • 30% ALL your purchases
  • Customized gift + free samples
  • Access to Private Facebook group
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