Healthy, beautiful skin starts here!

 I am lazy.

Actually I am skin-care lazy.
(And proud of it)
But what does that mean? Does it mean my arms get tired from applying the face oils?
Uh, no💪

Does it mean I need someone to wash my face spa-style while I rest?
Uhhh, no (but that would be nice!) 🧖🏽‍♀️

What It means is I have learned what is the quickest, most effective and simplest way I can keep my skin healthy without having to spend so much time doing it!

(Because  if there is anything we need, specially during this times, is more simplicity,and less complication)
So with that said, let's talk skin care!
If you want to jump right in and check out my recommendations based on your skin type
(disclaimer: I call them types, but in reality, I don't think your skin actually has a type...more on that below)

Let's break down the "skin type" idea

Skin "types" were first created by a woman named Helena Rubinstein in the 1900's so she could sell more face creams, and we have been riding that capitalistic wave ever since🙄

✔You skin is just meant to be healthy and balanced, and most skin "types" tell something deeper about the health of our body, or our emotional state.

❌Oily skin has a vast array of causes, from your diet, to your hormones, to the products you are using to "dry it out"-

❌Sensitive skin is somethings caused by your skin being exposed to products that are just to harsh and that have messed up the natural moisture barrier of the skin (hence it can't protect itself as it normally would, and everything irritates it)

❌Acne prone? well, im sure you already know that if you are not watching how much sugar you are consuming, and how much water your are NOT...your skin will start to show the results..

❌And "mature" or "Aging" skin? I mean, come on, this is just nature, we are getting old, there's nothing wrong with that, your skin just needs more love nurturing, that's all!

So, remember, Seasons, not types.

We all go through them, that's why they came up with the cleverest skin type of all: ❌Combination skin type

But our skin can be all the types, at different times, and in each one, all is needed is just actions that will bring our skin back to it's default, natural, happy balance.

When you let go of the types, you can focus on creating a skin care routine that nourishes you and keeps your skin glowing!

Check out this video for more on that

Face oils and Self Love