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Can I pray with it?

YES, not only you can pray with it, but your skin will love you for sticking to a beauty routine that is Halal, all natural and wudhu-friendly! Not only is your skin breathing and not clogged, but you are able to go on about your day not worrying about what hidden ingredients are on your skin care products!

Mineral Skin Tint

$18.00 USD

The mineral skin tint is a lightweight, breathable skin foundation that is made with all natural floral waters, nourishing aloe vera and moisturizing glycerine to not only give you an even complexion, but to nourish your skin in the process. There are no silicones, so your skin can breathe, and for practicing muslim women, this means that you can take your whudu (ritual cleansing before prayer) without a worry!


Handcrafted with ingredients that have been carefully picked with you in mind. No Alcohol, Pig or Pig-derived products or Carmine.

All natural

Good for your skin, because makeup looks better on healthy skin,

All natural

No barriers to prevent the water from reaching your skin. Because faith comes first.



Halal, Whudu friendly foundations and concealers, made with all natural ingredients to give you a natural, modest makeup look!

Lips - Halal, All natural choices

Lipsticks, balms, Palettes and Samplers, pigmented, all natural, halal and available in beautiful, modest colors.

Skin and Body Care - Halal, All natural

The best natural products to achieve healthy skin, made with halal ingredients and vegan friendly. Infused oils, gentle cleansing scrubs, clay masks and Floral sprays.

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